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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Godly Flat Tire

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to sit down with my thoughts. God has blessed us this day in a very tangible way. Although we had a flat tire on the interstate, while traveling to Florida, we were so graciously spared an accident, heatstroke and unimaginable inconvenience.

We did get pretty shook up at the loud sound of the tire going “see-ya” at 70 miles per hour! Dave was able to edge over to the shoulder without incident. It was 89 degrees so he could have easily lost his cool. But, Dave had a can of that instant-fix-tires-temporarily stuff so we crept off Interstate 10, where we immediately came upon the Beaumont Welcome Center. Smiling faces, instant air conditioning and an accessible landline all greeted us as soon as we stepped inside.

We were invited to wait in their employee lounge area on a comfy sofa. Wifi, had been installed this morning and they were all eager to see if we could access their new service on our computers, which, gratefully, we could. Coffee and cool bottled water was also available upon request. So, Dave messed with his email and I dove into the latest Koontz novel, which I have been so looking forward to reading. These conditions worked to sooth our nerves and silently sing God’s praises.

Less than an hour later, (funny how the time seemed to just fly by), the road service fix-it tire guy showed up and put a donut tire on. (Never heard of that silly little tire before. Actually, it did kind of look like a donut.) Anyway, off we were to find the Auto Repair Service department at Sam’s Club, which just happened to be seven miles away, directly off Interstate 10. The shop normally closes at 5: 00 p.m. It was 4:55 p.m. (This could have gotten ugly!) But, the service guy mysteriously decided to make an exception and immediately put a new tire on our little chariot. (Chrysler Sebring Convertible – My last ditch grasp at lost youth.)

There you have it folks: Just like a perfectly set-up line of dominos, every detail fell into place as we experienced the unfathomable grace of our Heavenly Father!

Ya gotta love it…

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  1. Love it! :)I love how our heavenly Father blessed you with exactly what you needed. You are certainly covered in prayers! see you soon.