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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dump Negativity - Think About What You're Thinking

Have you ever been deliberately mindful of who and what you allow to enter your consciousness? There’s too much unrestricted input that comes to us from moment to moment throughout our day. I have a new plan: censorship…censorship...censorship!

That’s right – Censorship is not always a bad thing. If I can stay attentive to all the stimuli that pushes for attention, trying to make me absorb it, if I can stop it just as soon as it is flung in my direction, maybe I can attempt to distinguish and immediately dismiss all things negative. You might think me condescending, but wait – Think about what the media usually reports. Consider all the stuff that insidiously seeps out from those around us who seem intent on complaining about practically everything in their lives. We all know those people who thrive on drama, who seem to live to bring us down to a level that is often less than desirable.

I want to capture and sustain the rich pleasure that resides within a joyful life. Hope tells me that it is possible to intentionally welcome and enhance the positive while rejecting and weakening the negative in those influences that I permit to touch my heart. We were meant to live joyous, fulfilling lives

If I ask God to help me live out His will and plan for my life, morose or argumentative thinking can play no part. I’m sure that I’ll be much happier if I can train myself to instinctively repel all negativity, including my own, that would otherwise casually slip into my mind whenever my guard is down. It makes me smile just to imagine living a consistently positive, expectant lifestyle, filled with happy gratitude for all that God has already given me. We all know that we, as Christians, often profess that attitude, while behaving and speaking quite differently. In plain words, we don't always practice what we preach. (Ouch!)

So, if you agree that life is absolutely meant to be sweet, regardless of problems or challenges, take the acid test – Refuse to loose even a moment of your joy. Take the time to actually think about what you’re thinking. After all, negativity will always exist as long as God allows Satan to exist. The choice belongs to us. I choose the abundant life. How about you?

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  1. I couldn't agree more. If you allow yourself to be affected by every negative situation and person you encounter, what a sad life you'll lead!