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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Great to Wait

It’s Great To Wait
By, Toni Smothers

Did you know that there are actually sixth grade, 12 year old children, who are sexually active? This remark may seem alarmist and I'm sure this is not representative of the norm, but according to the division of family services in Florida, it is true.

Additionally, sixty percent of teens have had sex, twenty-five have contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD), and twenty percent of the girls have become pregnant by age eighteen? Why?

Puberty starts a lot earlier than it did years ago. Currently, hormones can begin raging at 12 – 13 years of age. Prime time media blares significant underlying, as well as blatant in-your-face sexual content. Sex saturates the music media. Peers exhort a very strong influence in favor of sexual freedom. Teens think that digital and oral sex are not "real sex" and so they can’t get a STD doing it. Then there’s alcohol and drugs at parties, which ends up in non-characteristic choices, as well as in date rape. Alcohol and drugs give guys more courage and makes girls more willing or so doped up that they don’t even know what’s going on.

The cliche is often, “If you love me, you’ll have sex with me.” Ah, but where’s the respect? Love is long and deep and wide and it shouldn’t be cheapened by a one night ride or a short lived passion - That only leads to guilt and broken hearts. Respecting your partner, committing your life long goals and dreams to them is the way true love grows into maturity.

So in our present culture, how do teens keep their faith and lives uncontaminated? It’s not like you can go hide under a rock until you become the right age for marriage. Every day, some outside influence is trying to make you think that having babies and STDs is no big deal. You've got to know that isn't true. Those issues are huge!

Too many teens think, “It couldn’t happen to me.” But thinking like that is unrealistic - There are no such exemptions. We reap what we sow.

Read what part of the 119th Psalm in the Bible says: “Happy are people of integrity, who follow the law of the Lord. Happy are those who obey his decrees and search for him with all their hearts. They do not compromise with evil, and they walk only in His paths.” (v. 1-3 NIV)

Easier said then done, right? Maybe. But please realize that God wants only the best for you - He wants you to remain pure. You are so precious to him. Believe that, God’s Word, the Bible, is the only sure guide for living an abundant life. The 9th verse of Psalm 119 both asks and answers a relevant question. “How can a young person stay pure? By obeying God's Word and following its rules.”

Is it easy? No way - Is it right? Absolutely!

Without guidelines, actual reasons to choose abstinence, kids can begin to get comfortable in a dangerous fog of immorality. Everywhere you look, you find temptation to make bad choices. What does a young person do? You can't figure all this out on your own. You need counsel and strength more dynamic than the tempting influences that abound. Where can you find that strength and wisdom? By reading God’s Word and doing what it says

Most people, young or old, resist rules because we think they will restrict us from doing what we want. At first glance, then, it may seem strange to hear the psalmist talk of rejoicing in following God’s laws. But God’s laws were given to free us from doing what might cripple us and keep us from being our best. God’s directives help us follow his path and avoid paths that lead to terrible consequences that can destroy our future. Check out 2 Samuel 13:14-22 for a nice example of devastation as a consequence of impure relations.

Keep the precious gift of your most intimate self for that wonderful person yet to come, your one true love, your spouse!

And, listen .. . . if you’ve already fouled up, realize that it will never be too late to pour out your heart to your loving Father. His mercy is waiting just for you. He will help you make a decision today to reclaim yourself for your spouse-to-be and to abstain from sex from here on out. May God bless your choices and your hearts. Don't be bullied by peer pressure - It’s great to wait!

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