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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trip to Charlotte (9-27-10)

Dave and I are on our way home from Charlotte. Our kids were getting over a cold a few days before our arrival. Apparently, a few stubborn bugs, nastily hung around just for us. Well anyway, Dave came down with a sore throat and some congestion and then a few days after that, I got an upper respiratory thingy that has made me quite miserable. My wretched nose has been spewing non-stop.

So, now that we are on the road, stuck in our car eleven hours a day for two days, with this monster cold, I’ve resorted to whining, in-between my sniveling - two behaviors that I truly loath in others. Opps! (Are we there yet?)

Today, Dave is better and I’ve graduated to coughing my stuffy face off. Meanwhile, my previously adorable Chihuahua has been shedding more than she ever has before. In other words, if we had an allergy to dogs, we would be dead by now! (Umm… what was that I said about whining?) Our little, “Princess Sweet Pea,” is still adorable. I’m just a little grumpy, I guess.

The very wonderful part of our trip was about visiting our kids and spending time caring for our grand babies. Our daughter, Jenna, was gracious and welcoming, as she usually is and our son, Wade, spent time with David, installing a new cooling coil, since the old one had a slow leak. David is so good at most anything mechanical or electrical. He has been a blessing to all our kids as they grew, maintaining all our vehicles, and fixing different things for us. He is still the same: He loves to help out and make our lives easier and our expenses less.

We went to one of Wade’s softball games. We sat in lawn chairs, while eating candy and sipping sodas. It brought back memories of those many hours spent at Little League games, watching our kids play their little hearts out. I can remember secretly thinking back then that I’d surely die of, just-one-more-season of Little League, as I’d cheer Wade and his brother on.

Wade is still that person who puts his whole heart into what he undertakes – Even with his MS, he devised a contraption that is strapped to his shoulder with a bungee-type cord that goes down his back and snaps to a gripper around his foot. This thing-a-ma-gig enables him to run around the bases. It made me so proud of him to watch. He got on base every time he was up and made it all the way around the bases. It doesn’t always work, so there are those times he trips and falls, while the umpire calls him out. That’s the price he’s willing to pay so that he can be a team player. (Notice, unlike his mom, Wade doesn’t whine about much!) He’s funny too. He always refers to himself as, “the good son.” He’s a joy to my heart and it does wonders for me to get to spend time with him and his wonderful family.

Sophia is two, (going on ten), and puts all her parent’s expectations in the dust - She is super bright and did not come with instructions! Since I parented her dad, I get no small pleasure in witnessing him “choosing his battles,” as I once did. Life sure can be funny sometimes.

Their newest addition, Mersades Marie, is now three months old. Of course, we find her to be precious and gorgeous, but Sadie, (her nickname), is so engaging and charming. She spends a lot of her awake time in a delightful mood. We just love her.

Anyway, our trip was great and God richly blessed us with our beautiful family and with the deep, pure love only found in His merciful grace.

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