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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can We Wait?

Jesus replied, “People soon become thirsty again after drinking this water. But the water I give them takes away thirst altogether. It becomes a perpetual spring within them, giving them eternal life.”
“Please Sir,” the woman said. “Give me some of that water! Then I’ll never be thirsty again and I won’t have to come here to haul water.”
John 4:13-15 NLB

Isn’t it just like human nature to look for the easy way, or the shortest way, to the desired end? The woman misses the point so totally that it seems almost pathetic. Before we get all huffy and self-righteous though, we might consider if we aren’t just as pitiful when it comes to grasping God’s intended purpose. We want to lead godly lives, but we would rather avoid the tedious process that is the natural path to the end result – and we definitely don’t want to have to WAIT for it.

In our world of instant gratification at all cost, we have become a people who miss the journey even more so than our predecessors. Although we have progressed as far as instant access to information, we often lack real understanding. We are incredibly impatient and in our rush to avoid anything challenging, we miss the lessons intended to teach us the value and purpose of achieving a godly lifestyle. By constantly avoiding the process, we learn very little. And then we audaciously proclaim God’s way as terribly difficult. Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden light.” So which is it?

Jesus is the living Word and the Bible is the written Word and we need to take each into our souls, devouring every morsel of all that is available to us so we can begin to know how to live our lives in such a way that our comprehension of our life's purpose progresses. And although that progression may be achieved in tiny increments, we can gradually begin living a life that reflects truth and glorifies God.

Since each new day demands our participation, let’s decide in advance to let His faithful instruction be on our lips and burnt into our hearts - so that it can take us as HE wills

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